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We can undertake all dry cleaning requirements from clothes to household items all included in the collection and delivery service free of charge for orders of £15 and above.
Please see our price page for more details.

With our long running offer of 10 shirts washed and ironed for £16.95 this competitive deal is the perfect service for a working man. 
Shirts are collected, washed, pressed and returned on hangers. 
For the busy family this is a great service to pack all your laundry into a bag and have it returned washed and folded. The bag wash may consist of mixed clothes & underwear, or separate household items and bed covers. 
Even go one step further and have it all pressed as well.
Please see our price page for more details.
Our most popular service we provide is simply ironing. For that pile that keeps growing on the dining room chair give us a call to have it all collected and hand pressed for the best quality finish. May it be a weeks worth of shirts or a mixture of clothes and bed covers all returned on polythene wrapped hangers or folded into bags.
Please see our price page for more details.
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